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Welcome To Our Adventure!

Welcome to Adventures In Elegance Studios! Face the Day - an exhibition of faces sculpted each day in 2007 will be touring in Fall 2009! Lorna created the show as an alternative marking of time, a calendar of faces and images that show you the daily life of the artist. Look for the schedule and preliminary photos soon! More trips to paradise to create are planned as well, The Hawaii pieces are being readied for exhibit and reproduction now. Kona Cats and Mahalo Babies will be cast in bronze and acrylic. Sarel is gearing up for more historic plaster work and some new creations in some very old places. More to come... As always - Go to your studio and make stuff! Please return often as we are updating, we hope you enjoy your Adventure... in Elegance!
All my best, Lorna

Life Lessons: Exploring the Stream,  2006 wall mural sculpture of Black Bear and twin cubs.  Cast limestone shown. Limited Edition wildlife sculpture.

Wall Mural Sculptures are a unique way to "Bring Art To Life". These large limited edition wall murals become the wall in your home. They can be recessed, or framed in. The possibilities are endless and you can see many different types of installations in our Gallery of Wall Murals

Portraits and figurative work have been pouring out of the studios in 2007, many have been touring the US in juried competitions. Lorna's passionate pursuit of creating a face each day in 07 is coming together as a show "My year of Faces". Busy in the studios on some large pieces, the faces are in progress too, getting some finishing glazes and being mounted for exhibition.

"To look back on 2007 and see it in sculpture is shocking even to me. It is the first year I can say " I sculpted EVERYDAY!" It feels good to present this body of work. ". Lorna

Portraits like the one at right are included in "My Year of Faces". See some of them in Portrait Bust Gallery

Maiden of the Cheat  2007
Cheat Mountain Guardian  08

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